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Welcome To jananddeanmusic - The J&D Fan Site:
Welcome to jananddeanmusic. We are proud to announce  a brand new Jan & Dean website which we have paid for and been developing for the last few weeks.
This can be found at the following address:
From within this site you can access a wealth of Jan & Dean information that was just not possible to add to this site due to size restrictions.
Enjoy it, and please feel free to send your emails to jananddean@surfy.net
Site Updated 7 September 05 - Admin

We have a new site at http://www.mga-enterprises.moonfruit.com Check it out now!
Also keeo your eye open for a new expanded Jan & Dean site with tons more information, pictures and downloads!

Open For Business!!!
It's been a long hard few years here at jananddeanmusic.4t.com (formally jananddean.4t.com), and after losing our previous site we were a little disheartend that there are some eveil people out there that get jealous of ones success and enjoy seeing closure of a fellow Jan & Dean's site.
We'll, after much support we are not giving up. We have a number of Jan & Dean sites up and running identical to this one, and we are currently looking for a perminant ".co.uk" or ".com" address which we intened to open up this site even bigger and better than ever before!
Stay tuned to the developing saga! Spread the word, and earn some freebies!

Inside www.jananddeanmusic.4t.com:
Inside jananddeanmusic.4t.com - Including some great Exclusives
  • Biographys - A close look at the lives of Jan Berry and the legendary Dean Torrence, seen from the perspective of the fans.
  • Album reviews - All of Jan & Deans released albums reviewed in full, plus a look at some of the lesser known albums.
  • Surf City Allstars - A page dedicated to Dean's great backing band.
  • Photos - Yes, we have loads of great photos for everyone to view.
  • Links - We link you to interesting links that will make Jan & Dean even more enjoyable.
  • Jan & Dean Radio - Want to hear Jan & Dean - and nothing BUT Jan & Dean, we show and tell you how!
  • Unreleased Albums - A whole host of unreleased albums reviewed.
  • Interviews - We give you an exclusive UPDATED interview with Dean Torrence!
  • MORE! - Yes, you'll find even more by coming back to the new look jananddean.4t.com website. The number ONE fan site on the internet!
  • Jan & Dean Radio
    Jan & Dean Radio - Exclusive To jananddeanmusic.4t.com
    Keep a listen out on www.shoutcast.com for Jan & Dean Radio. Presently off air until further notice.
    Soon we will be transmitting to a schedule at 64kps Stereo for all you Jan & Dean fans to enjoy constant Jan & Dean hit music! Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

    Trading And Buying Jan & Dean CD's

    Jan & Dean Collectors & Traders Site
    For the most update information about MGA Enterprises releases of Jan & Dean products, plus your oppurtunity to trade with other Jan & Dean fans, and to make new and exciting friends, please visit jananddeanmusic - The Jan & Dean Collectors & Traders Site.
    We no longer sell bootleg CD's at the present via this site, joining the group above will keep you updated on when and where to get hold of various titles that we have permission to sell.
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